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Re: anon

The whole thing will collapse. Multiple teams on South Shore forced to quarantine due to school rules. If one kid tests positive the whole team is shutdown for 2 weeks. Some schools going to remote are forced to shut sports down completely and others are remote but still playing. Great idea MIAA to delay all these seasons, guess what football folks, you're totally screwed now too. I hope every major club team BJE, BSB, BJT, etc spins up USPHL FS teams and drives a final stake through the MIAA and HS hockey. Who cares if it's "good hockey" at least they'd all be playing and without having to deal with parent boards, school admins, and useless associations.

Re: anon

It was obvious from the start. Schools, especially public schools, have to follow different protocols than clubs and private schools, because they have to consider the perceptions of the non-athlete Karens. This should be no surprise.

You can't send Tommy out to play hockey and then sit next to Madison in English class the next day.