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Re: What makes a college prospect

College coaches will tell you what skills, drive, and character makeup they are looking for but that is only a piece of the puzzle. In addition to the "talent" you need to get on their radar first and that takes some luck or timing, whatever you want to call it, connections, and a non-stop twitter pr machine, and also money. Each player is different and their path is different. The well connected legacy kid or coach's kid doesn't need the connections and pr, he's going to get his shot and just needs the talent. Others with the talent need everything else in varying degrees, leave no stone unturned, explore every avenue and realize at some point your player needs to get a break and when it happens, needs to capitalized on that single moment. Start with getting him on a top area team, he won't get noticed playing where they aren't looking.
Great to see a post from someone who knows what they are saying. Good job