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Re: Ivy Showcase in FL

So don't go. People on this board find anything and everything to ***** about. Camps in FL will go forward without the restrictions you have all been complaining about for MONTHS! No weird rules, spectator restrictions, open locker rooms etc.

Did it ever occur to you that there are plenty of kids who can drive there they might be interested in looking at? FL u15 team is #3 in the country right now. The u16 team has dropped off a lot this year because kids went north but they still live there. Nashville U18s are ranked 13th right now (above any MA team).
Your a lunatic

Re: Ivy Showcase in FL

If you are from New England don't you think these schools would have already seen you play? "Oh, your from MA, thanks for flying to Florida, we still don't want you"

Re: Ivy Showcase in FL

Seen you play where in the last year?

Re: Ivy Showcase in FL

1M invites have gone out.