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Re: USPHL Tampa

Glad they pulled this off but does anyone know how many positive covid-19 tests they had? Curious to see if this could be a good spring/summer training option to explore.
Why do you care Karen? That's the reason they're down there so is to not have to deal with questions like this.
Well B-rad, it needs to be questioned. My son has been invited to multiple tournaments in Tampa starting in a few months and in order to make an adult decision I like to ask questions that help make that decision, you know, like an adult. Go back to flipping your burgers or driving the Zamboni. I’ll take your answer as there have been many cases.

Re: USPHL Tampa

Well well Well. I’m such a celebrity I have imposters now. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
B-Rad would never talk to you like that baby girl.