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Re: Jeff Cox Evaluation Criteria

Neutral zone fan boy
1) Did daddy play professional or D1 college hockey? If yes top prospect.
2) If no to 1 but are 6’3” or taller, then good potential. If 6’6”, NHL team should sign and no need for skill evaluation.
3) If No to 1 and 2 then have you paid your NEHJ subscription? If yes, then some consideration on the list.
4) See what Ian is saying. Btw I like the dogs.
5) Talent, skill, compete level, intangibles - skip and filter again on 1, 2 and 3 and consider casting wider net.

It’s all garbage, pays the bills for JC and owner. Real hockey people watch with their own eyes. They know this is a crap scam.
Total clown show. The guy is so obsessed with the kids of NHLers or D1 players. Where did Jeff play? Anyone?? Not a huge NZ guy either but at least there you\'re getting input from Ian, who was in the show, Murph was a D3 head coach plus they have some good other guys there who at least have experience in the game. Jeff caught a following on twitter and has convinced people he knows what he\'s talking about when he\'s a total clown.
College coaches cant stand him
What I dislike about him the most is his attitude. He knows everything and everyone else is stupid. The guy is a joke in the hockey world. He has a few buddies (who are not even buddies but instead guys who use him) who keep giving him chances because they know he will pump their tires on twitter. It is the power of having a twitter following.

Re: Jeff Cox Evaluation Criteria

Truth -----> "The guy is so obsessed with the kids of NHLers or D1 players."

And if your kid is 30=40% better than the prodigy kids just make sure your kid plays on the teams which are packed with these kids and maybe, just maybe JC will take notice.

I've seen him at tournaments and he makes no time or takes no interest in watching games without the offspring of his local heroes.

Re: Jeff Cox Evaluation Criteria

Think he’s one of the USHL “GM’s” helping Neutral Zone pick their PHL players?

Re: Jeff Cox Evaluation Criteria

No way, NZ and JC are competitors

Re: Jeff Cox Evaluation Criteria

No way, NZ and JC are competitors
I think it’s a conspiracy. They work together and split the $$$$