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Re: Impact of Covid

Here's my guess: It will be business as usual next year at prep. That said junior hockey will be a logjam for year or two because of the extra year of eligibility.

Re: Impact of Covid

I consider myself a pretty smart guy and I dont have the first d a m n clue what to expect next year. Its scary!

Re: Impact of Covid

If you look back at this past fall, covid numbers were not that bad and preps still locked kids on campus, no reason to believe anything will be different next fall, good numbers will still lead to lockdowns and no games for the kids. If your kid is currently on campus, let him finish the season, go to remote learning for the spring and hook up with a good spring team. Depending on age, this summer is going to be a good chance to get in front of teams/scouts at a few showcases. I would not send my kid back to prep school next year, it will be the same as this year.

Re: Impact of Covid

I would expect that there will be far fewer spots out west for the younger prep players (04/05). Even some of the middle of the road 02/03's, will find themselves still in New England in the USPHL.

I think prep won't be what it once was (it was trending down any way) but hopefully more normal than this year. The academy model will likely take off.

The 02 & 03 group are screwed no matter where they go. This was a lost year even if they did play and it will be tough to recover.

Re: Impact of Covid

Hockey is a giant funnel and that funnel is blocked. NCAA has awarded all college players an additional season of eligibility so seniors can theoretically return next year which then leaves no or very limited roster room for new class of freshman to come in. If you are an 02 or 03 looking to enter college then chances are there isn't going to be room on the roster for you.


Yes ncaa offered an extra year of eligibility, but how many seniors that attended school this year will spend tens of thousands of dollars on another year of tuition and fees they don't need to just to play another year? I guess a few will, but if hockey is not their future then I'm guessing most won't.

Re: `

I would assume 25 year old men would be ready to move on from College all together, school, hockey, all of it?