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Re: How much are you paying ?

Dad in the rink.
I'm looking for some honest answers as to what the going rate is out there.
I know Paul Vincent is 2700 dollars for this summer....
How much do you pay for single weekend event like the battle of Boston, chowder Cup? Not the team cost but as an individual you pay to the team?
How much is a half season team? Teams are sending out contracts and telling you how much but I'd like to know what the going rate is out there?

I'm not looking to out any teams!

Thanks for your feedback.
summer tournaments, anywhere from $0 to $300 depending on the tournament and the team.

stopped doing skills, although if I was closer I wouldn't hesitate to throw down the $$ for PV and went 1:1 or 1:2 with instructors, going rate for 1:1 is $140 to $200 an hour.

Half season between $1,400 and $1,800

Re: How much are you paying ?

PV is 5700 if you go to the one he runs, 2700 for the others
Tournaments 100-200 per player
Half Season- 1200- 1800 depending on team

Re: How much are you paying ?

Original poster.

Some people are paying $280 for weekend tournaments? Does it matter the number of kids are on the team? Coach likes 4 lines.

On the half season team do you go if coach plans on having 4 lines always even if he has to bring in kids for the weekend.

Re: How much are you paying ?

Also ask about game length - 2x25, 3x15 or 3x20?

Re: How much are you paying ?

Your money is better spent on skills than tourney's. It's a much better investment.