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U16 1/2 season

A lot of options, any recommendations! Need to leave E9 because team is blowing up.

Re: U16 1/2 season

Just go to the standings and then reach out to coach to see if any spots available. Kids/Parents are always chasing the next big thing so plenty of spots if your kid is talented.

Re: U16 1/2 season

be careful of organizations that offer more than one team. The second team are usually lower tier kids who might get thrown into the same division as the upper teams and it makes for a long two months.

Re: U16 1/2 season

Last year we had 2 teams and they only scheduled games against others top teams. I would say make sure you are on the top team though.

Re: U16 1/2 season

Do the Jr. Bruins have a half season team for just full season?