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Re: Super Catholic Conference?

CC Ruler
Seen a few games and these teams are not good compared to years past. They are deeper because of a larger enrollment of boys at most of the schools. Pope Francis would beat most of the CC teams handily.
MIAA hockey is dying a slow death.
Pope Francis would\\\'ve been undefeated in the MIAA. Better than any CC school this year, by quite a bit. But I equate that to being the tallest midget in the room.
Ever wonder how the PF teams are so strong come high school age? Falcons and Rifles teams have not exactly crushed it at the younger ages for these kids. Isn\'t winning when they are young the most important thing?
Super 8 was strong 6 + years ago. Now it is a shell of itself. PF is good because they are the tallest midget combined with the Pics $ucking so bad. Pics and 413 HS hockey leaves kids with no option. PF or bust. That will bust now that Wilbraham Monson Academy is bringing hockey back. Put a nail, or 3 spikes in PF. They will be dead with zero chance of resurrection.
PF is one player. Time for the player to challenge himself next year somewhere else. Not proving anything in MIAA.

Re: Super Catholic Conference?

Haaa, this is funny, his team finished last in the division and won 2 games. They have one line and most of it is graduating...must be his way of recruiting.

Re: Super Catholic Conference?

After beating BC High the MC coach comes out and says the Catholic Conference was pretty much the Super 8. Is he correct when he says it was the top 6 teams in the State? Definitely didn’t catch many games this year but some other teams definitely caught my eye.
Here's a message to the MC coach...

No one cares about the crappy MIAA/Catholic teams anymore! Get over it. It's not 1995!

Re: Super Catholic Conference?

The MC coach has no clue what he is talking about...he is still trying to steal money from parents with his lousy skills sessions and his only claim to fame is pouting on the way home from a loss to Pope Francis and not allowing the kids from Andover to stop at McDonalds to get something to eat after the game. What a creep!