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Re: Fall Split Season

It mostly depends on which school your son attends. Obviously there are some exceptions, but each split season team has connections with certain prep schools. If your son is at least a decent player, he basically gets a spot on a split season team based on the prep school he attends. Yale (Hotchkiss, Salisbury, Loomis), MFF (Avon, Brunswick), Rats (Lawrence, Dexter, Tabor), Whalers/Kings (Thayer, Nobles), Eagles (Sebs, Nobles, Dexter), EMass (Cushing), Rifles (NMH, Deerfield), Cyclones (St. Paul’s, Andover, Exeter), Little Bruins (St. Mark’s, Lawrence), Fall Prep (Gov’s)
You forgot Bel Hill, Pingree,Pomfret. What split season team are they associated with? Thanks in advance, pal.
Bel Hill (Wizards), Pomfret (RI Hitmen). Not sure about Pingree
Pingree - Fall prep