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Re: Haverhill HS

He has never been nor will he ever be a winning coach. That is like saying Jeff Cox knows hockey. Congratulations, you have just won the dumb-a-s-a award.
They won a league title in Andover you a-wipe.

And even with that - he\'s won more than the clowns in Haverhill have - enjoy being a moron.,Catholic%E2%80%99s%20hockey%20team.%20Chris%20Kuchar%20in%20May%202019.
How many Super 8 Championships has he won? None.
How many Div I State Championships has he won? None.
He had the biggest enrollment in Andover to draw from and yet no state titles.
How long has he been at this? MC, Andover, and I believe he was somewhere else before Andover? at least 10 years.

Yeah, he was a winner. Your are stupid. He won Merrimac Division Title were his only competition was Central Catholic. Some of you simpletons need to get out of your High School glory days and finally admit this is not about you. It is about the kids. Something this moron and you fail to see.

The guy can't coach. Plain and simple.

You said he "wasn't a winning coach" - again - you were proven wrong - so now you change the definition of what a "win" is.

Also, you typed: "your a stupid" - that doesn't even remotely reflect any grasp of English, spelling, or grammar. (no surprise)

Keep defending the constantly and willfully losing Haverhill coaches and the Whiney snowflake administrators in Andover - you fit right in. Too bad Kuchar either out coaches you.....or sat your kid - who no doubt deserved to be benched. In case you didn't know - kids like to actually win games - magically, it often makes the game more fun. When you actually understand HOW to coach, you typically win more AND you can develop good players who RESPOND to the coaching - see how that works pal?

Give it up snowflake - you've been pummeled. Keep your mask on and stay in the house.

Re: Haverhill HS

2 last place finishes in the Catholic Division MC plays in. It seems he can't recruit either.

Re: Haverhill HS

2 last place finishes in the Catholic Division MC plays in. It seems he can't recruit either.
Ddidn't finish in "last place" this year - Keep covering for your lack of coaching skills- How's that 0-5 record in Haverhill this year? How's that overall record the last 5 years? To be clear - great kids - but idiot coaches and AD.