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Re: Agent story

He is clearly an advisor, not an agent. If your son is good enough, they (colleges, junior teams etc) will find him. Real agents don’t get paid by families.

Re: Agent story

Don't agents have to charge a minimal fee also in order to keep NCAA Eligibility?

Re: Agent story

no, they just unofficially advise/represent you until your in position of playing professionally (if you make it that far) .

Re: Agent story

If you ever want your kid wearing that Black Bear uniform you better get your wife on Only Fans

Re: Agent story

My son is at a MA Prep, received a call this week from an agent. "I represent some of the players on your team who have committed to Hockey East, how would you like to do the same" Son "Sounds good, how does this work, I havent played a game yet this season" Agent: "No worries, I don't need to see you play, we know your a good player. So there is fee to start, can you give your parents my number" Son "How much is the fee? I dont think my parents want to pay for something like this" Agent "Well its a $5,000.00 investment" Son "I think you have the wrong family, my dad wont pay for that"
Agent "Ok well just know I can get you to D1"

You hear coaches and parents always say that at the high school level it is now up to the kid to make decisions, etc..why in the world would "agents" think a High School kid has 5K to do anything? MA Parents beware, they are calling everyone!!

Sounds like a certain split season org headed by the blogger