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Re: Where do kids go?

You are saying that your kid will be a u14 in 8th grade, right? If that’s the case, a number of EHF u14’s try to hang on for full season. My kid was a freshman at U14 and it seemed like it was a mixed bag for those who stuck around for full season. Some teams lost fewer kids to HS than others. I will say that it is a weird year. Some very strong kids play up on a FS U16 team but those are not that common.

Re: Where do kids go?

What area do you live in? North shore or South shore or metro-west? There are a few places

Re: Where do kids go?

Metro west

Re: Where do kids go?

Rule of thumb, as a freshman, if he's a JV player, full season, if he makes varsity, half season.

Re: Where do kids go?

JV hockey outside of bigger regional or at times catholic schools with middle schools is below average hockey and some schools struggle to field a team. Depending on your club and coach, the better option is to stick with them until you are cracking a varsity lineup.
good luck