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Re: BA Baby Blue NCDC

As a player who went through it all let me tell all of you that most midget and prep players will end up not playing in either, no matter what people say on this board. I played with so many really good players that never made either league, and some others were rostered but never played. Its so much harder than you think. Most end up in tier3 pay to play or just go into college club. You'll see.

This is the kind of realism this board needs more of. Unfortunately a lot of parents have sunk a lot of money and time into the hockey dream/experience, with some kids being told from a young age that good things will happen. It is too hard for them not to see things through till the end. What's another 16k-20k more for a couple of years after investing several times that for some. It's like going all in and knowing you have the 2nd best hand but needing to know for sure.

Re: BA Baby Blue NCDC

Played well today? I think they beat another Boston team?

Re: BA Baby Blue NCDC

Still most D1 Commitments of any program in the area and full funnel to keep it going.. Look it up...

Re: BA Baby Blue NCDC

Totally false. And just because they “commit” doesn’t mean they will make a roster. You can get the list of the 02s that will never play D1 that are “commits“