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Re: PHL Team

Contact Ian. I think he'd be game. He’s just looking to get kids an opportunity to play hockey. This Dboard has s$&t all over him and the NZ guys but frankly they are the only ones Ive seen doing jack s$&t to get kids playing.

Re: PHL Team

This is going to be a very intense, competitive league, it is not for everyone, might be more rigorous than most are accustomed to.

Re: PHL Team

New to this post but will they play other teams? I'll put together 2 teams of the kids not picked, mainly 03's from Prep who were not picked or didn't put their name in and would love to play all their teams? Already spoke to parents from Loomis, Pomfret, Cushing, TP, Avon, Brooks, Salisbury and Williston, these kids would have no problem competing with your teams, Maybe a few games in June when your scouts are around or we will get them? Who do I contact? Its all about exposure for all players who didn't get a good season, right?
Lighten up Francis, it's lacrosse season. Slay the dragon in the fall