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A lot of people are misreading your posts because of the junior hockey comment. Rule number one is get him on a team that will play him. The Boston area is a very broad term, there are good teams and schools north, west and south. As an 06, he would be a u15 next year. Pls look at the rankings of his age group. Most u15 teams will be half season, to allow players to play for their high schools. A lot of kids play half season (fall) club hockey and go on to play for their prep schools in the winter. Living in the Boston area you can find plenty of decent prep programs that do not require boarding , so both are doable. Another option is full season on a team like Boston Advantage. You need to talk to coaches and schools, and make sure you select a program where your player is wanted and will play. “Juniors” is where good players go after their 11th grade in prep or graduation. The best US junior teams are in the USHL in the Midwest. Tier 2 would be NAHL. You can find less competitive junior teams in this area that are NCDC, these are tier 3. These are predominantly made up of players 17 and up.