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Re: DBoard for Bantams and Up

10 Feet? Clown

Re: DBoard for Bantams and Up

Is there a DBoard for parents of bantam age kids and older that people migrate to or something? A few years ago when I discovered the DBoard it was all about the stacked 08s. Now it\'s all about the 10s, 11s and 12s. Do parents lose interest over time? Do they see the reality of their bender\'s potential as they get older and take up other hobbies? What happens? Where do they go? As funny as it is to read posts from parents of mites and squirts who think their kids have special talent, I\'m left wondering if this is all the DBoard has to offer...
Lol grow up
Whatever you say '10 dad
I put 10’ in your wife’s mouth, correct. Give her a kiss for me.
10' equals 10 Feet
10" equals 10 inches
If you are going to attempt brag, brag correctly