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Re: anon

Warriors U16
Coach offered contract pretty quick, should I be worried as he also offered to sons friend who wouldn't think could play at that level. Hard to tell how they were last year as cant find much info. Dont want to regret decision so figured at least one comment would be useful.
Same with U15. Heard a lot of rumors.

Re: anon

u16 had scheduled a bunch free skates, how was the talent that showed up?

This seas on didn't seem like it went that well for U15 & u16

Re: anon

Talent was ok but who knows what kids will actually be on team or who went just for a test drive. Last year not great, they added kids after a few weeks because was not going well at all.

Re: anon

OP - I think you are phishing.

Re: anon

Ummmmm nope! Already made my decision. See you in August/September.

Re: anon

Split or full?