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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Prep Hockey Conference coming soon

MSC, SSM, SKA, St Andrews, Northwood & Culver. Will be a really good league

From Mark Divver: The Prep Hockey Conference, bringing 6 top programs under the same umbrella, slated to begin play next season. East Division: Mount St. Charles, Northwood, South Kent West Division: Shattuck St. Mary's, St. Andrew's College, Culver. Hearing plans call for weekend series, home and home, for both East & West Divisions, and a crossover showcase at Mount St. Charles, where East & West teams will face off. Shattuck to host conference playoffs in last weekend of Feb. next year.

A little surprised Bishop Kearney isn’t invited
Maybe it is because BK doesn’t field a u18 team?

Re: Prep Hockey Conference coming soon

Just an excuse for these 6 institutions to charge premium tuition. Gullible hockey parents will gladly shell out an extra couple thousand so they can say their kid is a super duper-duper elite prep player. (as everyone else in the room collectively yawns)