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Re: Good News

At least you are honest,not many like you out there.
One question about the exposure showcases. Who decided to start charging $300+ WTF!!
Tuition for each club is essentially the same as when they were youth aged and to make matters worse, they are rostering 6 or so more kids per team than previous years. $350 x 6 = $$$$ more
This whole $$$ scene is getting out of control.
Curious why anyone has to play in these exposure tnmts if they are already playing in PHL?

Well, they shouldn't have to. Deal was 1 location, 2 games per weekend, the scouts come, watch, have lunch and talk to the kids they like. If they move the date again, the scouts wont be there. Honestly, if they get some Jr coaches to come that would be be valuable because zero of these kids will going from prep to school and have to go somewhere to play Jrs, so I assume its going to be more NCDC, NAHL, Jr A, maybe a few USHL.

Re: Good News

I'll be there with my mask on NZ guys wont know its me..

Re: Good News

Still can’t believe kids are skipping in person classes at prep and living in mass for skills sessions though. Call it what you want but at the end of day it’s skills. Nothing more, nothing less. The boys ( all good players) were drafted into skills sessions. ‘ my son was drafted into the PHL ” Gheeeez

Re: Good News

These "showcases" are running well over $350 per event. So that means over $100/game, or around $10/shift.
Stop the insanity and just say NO.

From Wikipedia :
"Greed has been identified as undesirable throughout known human history because it creates behavior-conflict between personal and social goals."

Translation - why New England hockey is becoming a $#!t show.