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Re: NE Regionals-MA Teams

In the Know
USA Hockey was and is ****** that MA Hockey did not have states or try to come up with some games to determine a winner at each birth year. The 11 other districts did hold districts to determine their representatives. As most of you know MA is one of two states (MN) that has their own district as an state and has automatics bids at each birth year, that is unless you don't hold a state tournament then your automatic bids are negated and become at large bids and MA Hockey's automatic bids were negated.

Unless you were in the top 10 in myhockey rankings which USA Hockey relies on heavily to pick at large bids you were shut out. USA Hockey was looking to punish MA Hockey for being the only district not to have a national bound competition and that they did. At U14 MA got two bids as the BJE we ranked #3 and MMF were #12 and heard they got one. At U18 BJE are ranked #8 and they got one. I think they gave MMF a bid so it was not just BJE teams that were going from MA.

Because of MA Hockey complete and utter failure to hold states or some type of competition to determine a winner at U15 & U16 MA got shut out. Yes, shut out unless one of the teams selected in front of them decides not to accept the invitation.

The team that paid the biggest price for MA Hockey's failure is the U16 CCW. They are the defending champs at the 04 birth year, have 4 plus D-1 commits and when this team has their boarding school players playing are a top team that could make a deep run.

Because the 05 BJE played up at the U16 level the River Rats were MA's best registered U15 team and probably would have won the automatic bid if states were held. But being ranked at #17 USA Hockey stuck it to them too. I can understand why USA Hockey is so upset with the incompetence of MA Hockey however taking it out on the kids who worked so hard in a crazy COVID year makes USA Hockey just as bad. Time for new leadership at MA Hockey!!!!!
USA Hockey may be ****** at Mass Hockey for not having a regional, but they are just as bad for not giving at large bids to at least the top ranked teams in the state. USA Hockey had a great opportunity to step up and do the right thing. They didn't. But it's "For the kids".

As far as I'm concerned, Mass Hockey AND USA Hockey are both at fault and a disgrace!

Re: NE Regionals-MA Teams

MA hockey would't hold a state championship at the Tier 1 and 2 boys and girls levels, but can hold a $70 per skater one hour tryout for its $175 per player four game festival...just saying.