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Re: Super 8

The public schools are the ones being shafted. The Catholic schools get stronger because of no Super 8...just like before. JF from BCH comments in the Patriot Ledger were for political reasons only. He knows deep down inside it makes the Catholics stronger. He just can't come out and say that.

I don't know why everybody is whining and crying about all this. The tournament just goes back to pre-1991 when the Catholics blew everyone out all the time. All the talent from the public schools went to the Catholics because that was their only chance to win a state title and play in the garden.

All this does is put everybody together for one tournament and is no different from how college basketball and college hockey do their tournaments right now. If your the #1 team you play the lowest seed in the first round and so on. What's the big effen problem? A trophy for all? You still have to win all the games to be a champion.

The public schools are the ones the MIAA is sticking it to and should be the ones crying. They are the ones that will lose all the talent to the Catholics and have slim chances of playing in the garden and winning a title.

If you really want to solve the problem, do this...

Have a division 1 public tournament and a division 1 Catholic tournament. At the end you have the Public champion play the Catholic champion for the state title. Call it your high school "Frozen Four" at the garden. It's very effen simple!

Public Finals @Garden
Catholic Finals @Garden
State Championship (Public Champ v Catholic Champ) @Garden

Everyone gets a chance to play in the garden and you still get a true state champion.
Exactly correct. Only fly in the ointment might be Title IX as you would have to have an equal tournament for the girls.

The Super 8 D-1A champion is basically the schools who can recruit -

"At the Super 8 level, Catholic schools have the top nine winning percentages overall and 26 of 29 championships."

And the D-1 Championship is basically a public school tournament -

"In Division 1, 20 of the 29 championships from 1991-2019 were won by public schools, including eight of the last nine."

Re: Super 8

Exactly. They’re actually sticking it to the publics, teams that couldn’t make the super 8 but had a chance to get to the garden in 1A now have 0 shot.

Re: Super 8

I think the pendulum was swinging back to the catholics as of late. With prep schools at $60k and less likely to give money these days the catholics are a viable option. Gap between publics / catholics will widen again - horrible timing to remove super 8. Tournament scores will be ugly

Re: Super 8

This will be better for second rate Junior hockey in the area as if that avenue need more help.