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Re: PHL combine

I agree, good teams, good coaches, always preach "head down, work hard" "show it on the ice" and then you have these guys tweeting every hour, "look at how far this kid jumped, look at how fast this kid ran back and forth, look at the amount of chin ups this guy does" Went from what seemed legit to meh in a matter of a week. College coaches have 23-25 year olds to choose from right now, what these guys are doing means very little. Please listen to this advice: Have your kid finish the school year strong, get the grades, it will open his/her athletic options. If your kid is in High School, 9th-12th grade, Play a different sport OR get into the gym doing the right lifts for this time of year, then in July/August, get on the ice and focus on skill work. This plan is NOT sexy or expensive AND it gets results. Your Welcome!
ignore the grammar police.

you are pretty spot on.