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Re: Commitments

Many kids in that portal have already proven they are just average or below average D1 players. Far too many underperformers in that portal.
Yes, but a lot of the good ones have transferred already. Most of the kids that probably shouldn\\\'t have been D1 to start are the ones that are going to be leftovers in the portal. The schools also have to figure out how to fit the transfers in financially as well. If a kid had his first three years on scholarship, he may not be on scholarship at his new transfer school because all of those are taken already. NCAA did not add any scholarships to these teams. It\\\'s more messy than people think.

The transfer portal can work to your benefit as well in the other direction. There\\\'s a kid from D3 Norwich that is transferring to D1 Bowling Green. This isn\\\'t just a D1 thing.

This is really a crazy time for college hockey and everything you thought you knew is completely different. In the end what is important is if your kid is good enough and is a real contributor to the team. There\\\'s a million good forwards and defenseman out there. What\\\'s going to set your kid apart from the rest of them? There\\\'s too much competition out there now from everywhere.
Great feedback. Since the coming season is really about 2001 birth year kids, how many commitments aren\'t going to be fulfilled because of the gridlock caused by the extensions issued the last two years? I\'ve read some comments from coaches in other sports that they aren\'t likely to keep a kid an extra year because it will mess up scholarships and they don\'t want to be seen as reneging on commitments but I haven\'t read much from hockey coaches.
That's because NCAA Hockey is the most unethical sport in all of NCAA sports
College football and basketball are BY FAR the most corrupt sports in NCAA. College hockey looks like a church choir next to them. Not even close.