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Re: Why is high school hockey in Massachusetts dying off?

Talent level is still very strong in Mass. The game has just grown throughout the US and the World. Back when Mass kids were getting drafted out of HS it was really just Mass and Minn in the US. Now you have great athletes from all over the country they are competing against. As for HS hockey its not a hockey thing. Numbers are down in across the Board in all sports. How many multisport athletes you see anymore at the HS level almost none. Kids that are still playing sports usually play just 1 sport.

Re: Why is high school hockey in Massachusetts dying off?

Yeah its too bad, lots of kids choosing to go 1 sport route. I can see if your getting invites to top level competition etc and you have a chance to go D1, then it makes sense. Everyone else should be encouraged to do multi sports. Too many coaches, parents and kids believe 1 sport with year round focus is better, that should only apply to a select few.

If hockey is your focus, I think you should do a spring sport, cross/weight train Mar-Nov, get on the ice June-Mar. Maybe a once a week skills in the spring.