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Re: The Politics of High School

\\"There\\'s are no politics in high school hockey\\" Easily wins this year\\'s dumbest quote of the year award. We are still giving this out right?
Sorry your kid sucks and you have to blame politics.

You got a bad attitude high school coach. It is not the kid’s fault you chose to coach learn to skate players instead of real hockey players. Sorry your team sucks.
Sorry pal. Kids that get cut from my team go and play full season elite club with the same kids who play full season elite because they think high school sucks, while the parents tell everyone they are playing full season.

And every year it becomes more apparent that parents don’t know what a “real hockey player”.
Is this English? WTF is wrong with you, can you create a full sentence that makes sense?

Re: The Politics of High School

I love it when these neanderthal coaches have offspring and then miraculously their kid is on the top line and are held to no accountability as a freshman. Sorry, your kid has a bad attitude. But my kid, my kid is the best. He never makes a mistake.