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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Pf

Prep?? PF isn\'t a \"Prep School\"
Um Excuse me, the word Prep is in the name of the school so its a Prep. They just aren't recognized by NEPSAC and play in the MIAA, other than that they are totally Prep. All Prep.
Um excuse me Mom, but PF isn't a Prep school, it's a catholic or parochial school, meaning most of you parents couldn't afford to pay tuition at a real Prep school. Nice try though Mom

Re: Pf

Their intentions started from a good place. PF had their hearts ripped out TWICE by BC High in the Garden. And then with BCH finally out of the way, the covid thing appears denying them yet again. Absolute nut punches 3 years in-a-row. So they wanted their seniors to leave with the memory of winning something. Fine, whatever. As is often the case, it’s the parents that get carried away with what it all means.
Parents didn't get carried away. A few trolls on here kept tweaking the prep parents in the other thread. After a season of reading NZ tweets and JC write ups about MIAA players and not their own kids, their sensitive egos were frayed. lol.
Winner winner chicken dinner. It’s comical seeing how bent some dads get when other kids get some press and not their own which they have been spoiled by. Keep it up dads