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Re: Whats New?

Welcome Back! Lets see, NeutralZone got bashed for starting a league called the PHL and being biased with their selections, then those kids didn't show up so they took other was a mess.

04 USA Camp took place, was weak and not worth the trip to scout, MA kids did well.

Holy Cross made some very bizarre commitments to 3 kids that wont ever make it there.

A few 03's heading to BCHL if boarder allows

Foxboro Prep League is not good this year but the little kids get some ice

05 Camp Starting now

Oh, and there are about 45965223 camps available for top dollar with college assistant coaches making some money using Covid as their main marketing tool

Did I miss anything?

I haven't been around in some time as well. So what you're saying is nothing's changed. I'll head on over to the youth section and read about the latest parent fight at the super duper all star elite tournament now. Thanks for the update.