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Re: Twitter

Listen Pal I pay good money to promoters, JC, and Skating Coaches to tweet stuff about my kid, he's close to getting that D1 nod and we owe it all to them and their tweets. They helped him get a spot at the Chowda.

Re: Twitter

Anyone know if the River Rats have a player at USA Camp this week? I mean they have tweeted about it every 14 seconds.

NZ Tweeting exhaustively, "We are relevant! We watch 15 year old boys play hockey and scrutinize every stride!"

Any chance we could set-up a game with NZ guys and JC vs all these kids they have opinions on? Maybe the older 18 year old guys, would love to see these losers try to keep up with these kids that they put labels on.

STOP. TWEEETING. ABOUT. KIDS. Just let them play the game they love.
All the tweets in the world couldn't get him to the important game today. #Tweetinglost

Re: Twitter

The US is definitley league leader in hype. It is astounding how much is out there and how willing everyone is to brag. Hard for kids to understand as they have grown up with it. What is funny is how kids move on to the next platform the second parents get too involved. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram area all more parents that kids. Kids use Snap. It drives parents crazy because they want people to pay attention to their kid. Dont seem to care if they are setting them up for failure, they just want the instant gratification.