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Re: NEHJ Disgrace

Did you see the article on the 3 draft “hopefuls”. Basically bashes everything important about hockey on these kids. Too small, can’t play defense, and can’t skate! I think there might be some better options available than these 3 but you got to pay tue bills somehow! After all these years of being the chosen ones this is the best article you could drum up! Lol. Viva NE Hockey!
Piece of advice, stop letting this nonsense control your life. NEHJ has little to no influence on what players are recruited by college coaches. The fact that I need to tell you this is a sign of just how stupid you are. College coaches that are recruiting for their respective programs could give two sh*ts about what NEHJ or JC has to say. They are watching kids in the USHL, BCHL, and NAHL compete night in and night out.
You left out the USPHL and Prep! Must have slipped your mind.
Yeah, right, USPHL :laughing:

Re: NEHJ Disgrace

Great response. It is really sad how few people want to believe that the cream really does rise to the top. A guy creates a flashy website to make it look a bit like SI for hockey and starts talking about kids. Parents start to subscribe in hopes that their kids name will show up there somewhere. There are lots of websites like JC's he just realized that he could make money playing on parents need for validation and providing an avenue for hype that looks credible. When I say looks credible, that only means to naive parents, not anyone that matters. No one is risking their livelyhood as a college coach on recomendations or opinions from JC. If they were, he would not be running the website.

Re: NEHJ Disgrace

NZ is no better...Pay for the subscription, Pay for their "for the local kids that missed their season" league and you are an NHL prospect.