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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Prep Hockey

That is because it is their job. If they want to see a kid they want to see them play. They are not asking to check what team they play for and then somehow that tells them how good they are. All of it is the same, oportunities to see the kid play and assess their skating, hockey iq etc. The real time to get noticed was up to U15 AAA, if you wanted twitter recognition, these guys go 100% on reputation.
U15 my son was 5'6 130 lbs..U18 my son is 6 foot 180 lbs..he didnt get noticed at U15, he got noticed at U18.

Re: Prep Hockey

Right, what I am saying is to get usless twitter recognition. U15AAA will get the early verbal comitts etc. Most kids have to grind it out.

Re: Prep Hockey

If a game is played but stats are not put on Twitter, did the game ever really happen? I mean, I just saw Jr Eagles 2012 team has their own page with actual highlights of hockey. You people are sick!