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Re: Imperials / Boston Hockey Academy

Don’t know if it’s true or not but hear kids are withdrawing from every team over broken promises, bad coaching, poor dorm conditions, and safety issues, so I would believe it.

Cool idea and great start despite the pandemic and seemed to have traction but new academies have already opened to compete and the product looks worse now.

Re: Imperials / Boston Hockey Academy

Too bad the rumored sale fell thru. Must have looked at the books and saw it wasn’t worth anywhere close to 1MM.

Re: Imperials / Boston Hockey Academy

That was quick. I heard at the rink last night they are already folding. Is this true? It would make sense because the youth teams didn’t make it through tryouts.
They got lucky with the Imperial 18's last year, gave them quick credibility in a Pandemic season. Not looking special this year. won't have any teams in the top 30 not exactly worth 50,000+ a year