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Re: Rifles/Wizards

Enjoy your plastic usa hockey trophy.

Re: Rifles/Wizards

What are “prep teams” according to you? If a school has prep in its name is it a prep? St. Johns prep or Austin prep are preps in your world? What about Salisbury, Avon, Lawrence, Belmont hill, Exeter? Did Pope play those teams last year in their run up to a “national championship?” What about dexter? How’s that game go?
Not worth the trip up to an Exeter or an Andover to pound them. As far as Dx goes, everyone in the rink those cold Feb / March nights knew that Pope wasn’t playing their big dogs and were saving their horses for the title run. Hard, I know to admit it but PF won Nattys. Executed the plan quite well as designed. Played the 2nd and 3rd liners against the Dexters of the world to get them reps for the natty trip. Job well done, we are the champions, I believe this song was playing at the parade outside the Olympia upon the champions return to the hockey hot bed of Massachusetts
Where did all those studs end up? Had to be a handful of Seniors on that squad, where are they now?