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Re: Central Scouting

It’s the first run. You got all the recent committed kids, wait for the midterms, the non skaters will be gone.

Re: Central Scouting

As a long time Power Skating coach with Top local NHL players this list is just terrible. It just shows how money has taken over skill.
There are kids on this list that have been Refused by skating coaches because it is just that bad. Get yourself a NHL certified Agent, throw some money to the right places and your kid could be on this list too.

Re: Central Scouting

Guys these lists mean nothing. Seriously, very little. How about a congratulations to the kids who made it? One of my sons teammates is on the list and everyone is happy for him, but it means very little. Take a deep breathe and just tell your kid to get ready for the next shift, that's all they can control, their next shift.

Re: Central Scouting

By the way, being actually drafted means less than most think. For the majority, they get a free hat and golf shirt and can tell girls at the bar they were drafted.