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Re: College Scouts

Has your kid ever been approached by Central Scouting? And what's the first thing they do? They go to the locker room, ask the kid to step outside and tell them to come out with bare feet...they measure the kid right there in his bare feet.

And size doesn't matter?

Little Irish Dads, don't kid yourself.
The only reason they take ht/wt is because it's already been established that he can skate/play. They don't take every stiff's ht/wt. It's one factor on the list of many.

Re: College Scouts

I've seen them rush down to measure a 6'6" 'stiff' who really couldn't play and yet he ended-up on their list. . . after a sandwich and a beer in D-1 he ended up in D-III

Re: College Scouts

Skating and Compete- those are the standards, the rest are nice but skating and compete top the list.