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Re: Hockey Academy’s

BK and South Kent are nowhere near Mount and Shattuk
BK is a complete joke. Hockey is meh and academics are a complete joke. Son went there 2 years ago and came home way dumber than he originally was and his hockey didn’t get much better.
BK didn’t exist 2 years ago! Nice try! U16 went to semi finals of nationals last year and lost in overtime. Where was mount? Oh yeah they lost to BK every time they met.
Do some research (it won’t be very hard, all scores are listed on MHR) and then post Mount v BK record from this season.
Here’s a quick hint, it’s very lob sided
I don’t have to do research. I lived it. Obviously since nationals was mentioned in the last post it was directed to last season. Prior to this season mount has never beat the BK U16 team from last year. PS the U16 BK team was formally the South Kent U15 team that beat mount at states in 2019. Nevertheless, the point of the post was BK Selects didn’t exist 2 years ago. Most players came from South Kent 2019-2020.

Re: Hockey Academy’s

Hey Bozo,
Let’s not live in the past. Why don’t you take a look at college list/NHL draft picks?
Did you “live” that too?

Re: Hockey Academy’s

Hahaaaaaa well obviously my kid is only 17! BK has only been around for 1 year. The highest age group BK ever had are currently only 18. The post I was replying to was the guy who said his kid went to BK 2 years ago.. which once again didn’t exist. I have no dog in the fight for this season, as my kid is currently playing junior hockey.

Re: Hockey Academy’s

Just seems to me like someone ****ed in the BK guys lemonade

Re: Hockey Academy’s

HA’s are a good option for some and not the right fit for others.
End of story