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NZPrep stats

Sooo, do kids just log in a add goals and assists? I love the schedule, the standings, the rosters, but the box scores are so wrong, therefore the stats are way off.
Is there an accurate account somewhere? These guys are to old to be handed points they did not get or were not even on the ice for. Sad.

Re: NZPrep stats

My kid was given a short handed assist last week… he was the one in the box! He’s that good! Top 6 will always get the love, that’s just how it goes. I agree, the site is good for some stuff but stats are just trash. I know for my sons school his buddy puts in all the box scores and always shares the assists with everyone.

Re: NZPrep stats

USHR is where you go for prep stats. Accurate most of the time. Most prep teams coaches keep it updated, but some school could give a ****.

Re: NZPrep stats

Guys, its easy. Top 6 and top 4 will be the leading point getters, they get tons of ice plus PP unit 1 and 2 AND PK. Bottom 6 bottom 4 will have 5 -10 points per season tops.