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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: NZPrep stats

My kid was given a short handed assist last week… he was the one in the box! He’s that good! Top 6 will always get the love, that’s just how it goes. I agree, the site is good for some stuff but stats are just trash. I know for my sons school his buddy puts in all the box scores and always shares the assists with everyone.

Re: NZPrep stats

USHR is where you go for prep stats. Accurate most of the time. Most prep teams coaches keep it updated, but some school could give a ****.

Re: NZPrep stats

Guys, its easy. Top 6 and top 4 will be the leading point getters, they get tons of ice plus PP unit 1 and 2 AND PK. Bottom 6 bottom 4 will have 5 -10 points per season tops.