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Re: Frozen Jungle

Don't let D-3 Dad see this! He thinks D-3 is one step away from 'The Show' and to think these super stars are mixed with lowly ACHA players! Oh the horror!
Fact is D3 and ACHA both lead to beer leagues with some minor exception so might as well get them prepped. They’ve still gone further than 90% of the kids they grew up playing with. Be happy your kid still loves the game and hopefully will turn into a productive member of society with their college degree.

Re: Frozen Jungle

Fact is that 99% of D1 hockey players end up playing in beer leagues alongside D3/ACHA players.

Percentage Moving from NCAA to Professional - Ice Hockey - 1%

Re: Frozen Jungle

Kids are mainly 04s-00s and having a blast with their friends every Thursday before they go back to school, but keep paying full price EHL for your 20 year old, while you **** on the ACHA!