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U15 Jr Thunderbirds

Is there only 1 team at this age group? I see they have a team in the BHL but couldn’t find another team anywhere else. The BHL team seems to a decent 1/2 year team, But I was looking for more of a higher end option for my kid next year.

I’m taking a Job at Baystate Hospital at the beginning of the year and will move my family in the summer to the area. Just trying to sort this out ahead of time.

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

USPHL U15 team near that hospital.

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

There’s usually 2 teams at that age group. The top team usually has a mix of Pope and prep kids. Usually a decent mix.

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

If BF doesn’t know who you are , you aren’t going to Pope Francis, Aren’t friends with PT’s kid or go to Eaglebrook/Deerfield your kid will be on the BHL team.

The BHL team has 4-5 really good players, some decent players and then the rest. The two goalies are far apart in skill. Coaching is solid though.
If your objective is to get your kid ready for the HS season , the BHL team is a good spot. If your kid is going the Prep route of Pope Francis route get a hold of BF and have him look at your kid.

The full season USPHL U15 Pics team would have a hard time beating the BHL team. But it really is the only full season Midget option in the area.

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

This guys nailed it. Altho PF isn’t a prep school as much as their name says. It’s a $13k/yr private school that’s a step about public schools. Thunderbirds better team are a split season team/ combined with PF school… if you get stuck (or tricked into) anything Thunderbirds full season, it won’t be strong team). Pics is the full season local alternative and if your kid is good he’d play Pics 16u. They get a ton of ice time for about 7-8k

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

The BHL 15U team is a half season team. As the previous person said, they have a few very good players, good coaching, and it’s a fine option for someone preparing for a high school season.

Re: U15 Jr Thunderbirds

That BHL team is very good. It’s not the case across the organization though. It’s really hit or miss with them from year to year.