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Some of you may recall Sean Avery who played in the NHL for several teams. Many of you may also be aware of his crazy and extremely bizarre off ice behavior. Linked below is an article and a video of Avery threatening teenagers regarding parking issues. ALERT: VIDEO IS PROFANITY LADEN

Back in 2018, when I was working in New York City, I attended a seminar in Tribeca. After the seminar attended, I went to the local Blink Fitness to work out, and then decided I would check out Sean Avery's sports bar since I was in close proximity. I left my gym bag at Blink, and walked over to the Sports Bar named Warren 77. While sitting there, I was reminded of what Avery did to Maritn Brodeur in a game one night (, and decided I would try to make amends for Mr. Brodeur. After drinking about 4 high priced craft beers, and consuming a steak sandwich and apple pie, I asked the bartender for one more beer and told him that I would also settle up. I then pretended to receive a phone call, and walked outside. I then proceeded to walk back to Blink Fitness, gather my gym bag, and jump on the train back to Brooklyn. To this day, I often wonder if Martin Brodeur knew what I did, how happy he would be knowing I stiffed Sean Avery for about $75 dollars.
Quick Google search shows that Avery got bought of his share in 2013, because he was unreasonable to work with. The only person who got screwed was the server, they are usually responsible for all tabs. You stole from a college student! nice burn