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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Anon

What are your son's ambitions in terms of hockey? Usually, the top kids in their age groups who want to pursue high-level college hockey aren't worried about getting buried in a lineup at a top hockey prep school that actively recruits them. They're confident they can go earn their top six/top four minutes. If you're son is more of a solid player who wants to get a good education, play the highest level of high school hockey he can for 3-4 years, and then hopefully earn a few college and/or junior hockey opportunities afterwards, it probably makes sense to go to the prep school where you think he is going to play the most. If he develops into a top prep player, it's not going to matter what school he plays for. The "BBN vs. Nobles" framework is seems like a good one for you to consider. Both good day schools. Nobles is a hockey power. BBN can barely hang with them. Playing hockey at BBN type school could be a great experience for your kid, he just might not win a lot of games...

Re: Anon

If all things are equal he will have a better experience where he is playing the most. Being on a team with limited ice time can take away from the overall experience. Send them where they will be happiest.

Re: Anon

Need advice from you seasoned folks here on hs dboard
Do I send my kid to the school where I know he will play more or the better hockey school with maybe better coach? Assume equal academics and distance from house etc. Assume both coaches want him equally. Assume all else is equal. I have younger kids and haven’t been through this process before. So lmk. Strong hockey where my kid will be on vars soph year with decent play time or less strong where my son will play freshman year?
Send him where he will play more. Can't be seen sitting on the bench and he aint gonna be getting coached if he's sitting on the bench...the coach coaches the kids who are playing not sitting on the bench. Coaching is overrated....what once thinks is caviar another thinks is horse manure.

Re: Anon

BBN could not hang with a good d1 public

Re: Anon

Op here. Never did I say bb and n and never would I send my kid there!