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High School & Prep Hockey
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Re: Top Prep Coaches

Of course it's the players. But you have to give top coaches credit for getting the players. That's pretty much job number one of having a good program. Nobody says, "Nick Saban isn't so great. A monkey could win at Alabama with all his players." Great coaches recruit good players, develop those players, win a lot of games, establish a great culture that helps breed success, and they do it consistently over time. That's what all these top prep hockey coaches have done. And if you suddenly put any of them behind the bench at a different, less successful school, the on-ice success likely wouldn't change that season. But I bet it would change drastically within a year or two and those schools would quickly be near the top of prep hockey.

Re: Top Prep Coaches

KUA Coach
Salisbury Coach
Belmont Hill Coach
AOF Coach
Nobles Coach
KUA: a monkey could coach that team to elite 8
Salisbury: Ditto
B Hill: guy did a great job recruiting. But a monkey could have got them to elite 8 as well
AoF: Ditto
Nobles: Guy been at it a while has great years, good years, mediocre, bad years. All depends on his roster and what kids get in to the school.

Stop thinking the coaches are the greatest thing in the world. It\'s the players......Take KUA and put him behind the bench at MA the records would be pretty much the same. Take the X coach from Miaa and put him behind the bench at Bhill and they probably win as many games.

What coach has the best line and re****tion to put kids into college hockey with the college hockey coaching staff? Which one can make a phone call and get your kid a look? I\'d say they are all the same in this group mentioned above.

IMHO that is the biggest benefit of playing for them rather than a school with a young coach who might be as good or even better but just doesn\'t have the Cache with the colleges.
Agree! If this guy coaches bruins they probably would have a few Stanley cups already.

Re: Top Prep Coaches

Danny donato stands alone at the top forever. next please.

Re: Top Prep Coaches

Danny donato stands alone at the top forever. next please.
One of CM's finest...and the best minor league Yankee player of all time.

Re: Top Prep Coaches

LMAO Dan Donato is a total weasel. He has destroyed more good players than any ISL Coach around. Put him behind the bench of BB&N and years later they will still suck. He is living off his brother Ted's name. Guy is a total power.