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Re: EHL any good?

Funny because I know a local kid who played in New England his whole life and then on a fluke went out to the midwest to a camp over the summer. During the camp he got an offer to join a team and he got a second invite to another team's camp. After he got home then the local scout started calling and emailing him. My guess is he had not gone out to the camp they never would have contacted him. But in all fairness he may have not been playing on the right teams here to get an initial look.

Re: EHL any good?

I can't imagine not wanting to go to the USHL if you had the chance and you wanted to keep playing. You save $10k right up front, you play the best competition, you get more looks from college and pro scouts than almost anywhere in the world. I think there are a few kids on each USPHL team that could play there so it seems strange. Do they have many USHL guys looking for players in this area or do you need to attend their camps and try-outs?

The USHL takes players that more often than not already have commits. Those kids play there because they are advised to play there. Not sure about the EHL or the Premier. The Premier gets the nod over the EHL by general consensus. Not every kid wants to play in the USHL and go and play in places you can't find on a map. There are kids in the EHL and the Premier league that go DI.