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Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Prep school hockey is dead. It's for the kid who doesn't want the commitment of a Jr team but is better than public school hockey. Prep schools are all about filling the school. Mother couldn't care less if your kid does well and advances. They bring in ringers who are great player but need another year of school to get into a college that doesn't have the word community in the name. Don't be fooled. If your kid isn't a junior or senior and the prep school isn't offering you a 75%+ scholarship then your not their star.

Sounds like sour grapes, apparently your kid couldn't get into a certain prep school?

Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Another question is, how many are paying full boat and how many get what kind of discount? I suppose the guys showing up with a D-1 commit have a value attached to them because a) the team can list it on their website and b) those coaches will then be showing up to games to see their commit and the other kids and the program benefits from that exposure.

Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Sour Grapes, Nope personally experienced. Both my kids are in Prep school and both play. My daughter is captain of her team. But after 4 years we are realizing she has fallen way behind her peers who stayed playing on their select teams. Same with my son he plays (and scores) but he is not what he would have been if he skated Aug - March for a coach who's goal is to develop players. He would have been better off development wise staying in juniors. Their season is so short they don't have the time to develop kids. And why is it every time someone posts a sincere evaluation the comment is always sour grapes? Sometimes it is a sincere evaluation by someone with really good knowledge.

Re: Jr. hockey cost?

I can see totally see what you mean. Yes the junior teams need to ring the register but they are judged on developing the kids and moving them on to good teams. Prep coaches I suppose need to win and the season is too short. one option my son had was to do a P.G. year and a couple coaches said "you know I'm not really interested in seeing him play against kids that are 3-4 years younger than him" and listed 4-5 teams where he would rather see him play.

Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Junior hockey is expensive for sure. However, I am seeing more and more kids go to college right out of HS and flunking out. Personally, I think my son would have been one of those kids who got carried away with the freshman year madness. Instead, he played 2 years of Junior hockey and has been accepted to all 7 colleges he has applied to. Granted none of these schools were Ivy League or better, but just the same the 2 gap years helped his maturity. He will help pay his college tuition with some loans, so if he flunks out, the debt will be on him. Because of his 2 years of junior hockey, he gets to keep skating provided he continues to work hard. Good luck with your choices.

Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Will your son be playing hockey in college? Team or club?