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Southern Schools Adding Hockey

With Arizona Sate University successfully adding D-1 hockey which school will be next? The only other southern school is University of Alabama-Huntsville. The University of Georgia recently built a 2,000 seat arena which may signal their interest in someday getting a D-1 team.

Re: Southern Schools Adding Hockey

Look at UNLV as well. Hockey is very popular in the desert and they are trying to follow in the footsteps of ASU. There have been several articles that talk about the Runnin' Rebs trying to take their club team to NCAA D1.

Re: Southern Schools Adding Hockey

The football revenue of the ACC schools would make it all possible in the southeast region. Add a women's team and start shovelling money over to the program & rink like they have been doing with women's crew for years to satisfy Title IV. They need a place to burn a ton of $ on female athletics, a rink would be a great place to start one would think.

Re: Southern Schools Adding Hockey

Title IX Sorry!