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NCAA - Know the New Academic Standards

Changes are on the way to both the SAT and the NCAA Eligibility Center, but neither should intimidate prospective NCAA hockey players.

The Eligibility Center ( will raise its minimum standards for incoming freshmen who enroll on or after Auf. 1, 2016. We covered those changes in this story, and they will have minimal impact on the majority of men’s hockey players.

The major points of the new NCAA Eligibility Center standards, effective Aug. 1:

· Slightly raised requirements on the sliding scale of minimum grade-point average and SAT scores (detailed here, .pdf)

· Students must take 10 of their 16 core courses prior to the start of their Grade 12 year (does not apply to students with no U.S. transcripts)

Essentially, any average student who properly plans their courseload beginning in Grade 9 or 10 will have no issues with the new Eligibility Standards.

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