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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Junior hockey is expensive for sure. However, I am seeing more and more kids go to college right out of HS and flunking out. Personally, I think my son would have been one of those kids who got carried away with the freshman year madness. Instead, he played 2 years of Junior hockey and has been accepted to all 7 colleges he has applied to. Granted none of these schools were Ivy League or better, but just the same the 2 gap years helped his maturity. He will help pay his college tuition with some loans, so if he flunks out, the debt will be on him. Because of his 2 years of junior hockey, he gets to keep skating provided he continues to work hard. Good luck with your choices.

Re: Jr. hockey cost?

Will your son be playing hockey in college? Team or club?