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Re: College club hockey

This whole thread is a joke. My son plays club ice hockey at a Hockey East school and I have never seen the Varsity coach scouting the club practices or games. I agree, there are many very good hockey players at the club level but saying that they are equivalent to 4th liners at any D1 school is a stretch. My son's team has a former D1 player on the squad that played in the USHL prior to that and a few junior hockey players. Think about ASU last year, they were the best club hockey team in the land. If you look at their D1 roster this year you may find 2 or 3 kids from their club team still on it. Keep in mind they had a rough first year at the NCAA D1 level. Although I believe that there is some talent and skill at the club level I don't think that many of the kids there would make a D1 team. I personally think that my son is a fantastic hockey player and he has played with many current NCAA D1, D3, USHL and a couple of recent NHL draft picks but from my perspective there is a reason why those NCAA D1 teams weren't knocking down our door.


Re: College club hockey

Yeah I'd like to see a D-I school like UMASS-Amherst with a six figure scouting budget that combs all over North America looking for kids go into the athletic department and say, "No need for all that money for all of these trips to Saskatoon & Medicine Hat, I found four players down on the Club Team." Hell they barely scout New England let alone players in their own school.

Re: College club hockey

And they blow! Meanwhile, BC, BU, UNH, UMaine, UVM, UConn, etc all recruit in New England. When they go out and get a Canadian or other kid, usually worth taking.