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Re: breaking a college hockey commitment

Love it when I see a Beatcuff post, they're always entertaining. But, I give you props for differentiating your anonymity.
thank you. i try to only speak up when i have something to offer. and while i know a lot, i am far from 'all knowing' or perfect.

Don't twist people's words. In no way, shape or form did I say I "approve" of it. I don't approve of spousal abuse, or child abuse, or drug abuse, or alcohol abuse, either. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't acknowledge that they happen and do what we can to make our kids aware so that they don't fall prey.
i think we all knew what you really meant, thanks for clarifying.

this board (and usually the HS) have, in general, more informative and thoughtful discussions. i go to the kiddie board for entertainment.